What’s In A (Twitter) Name?

March 25, 2010 at 1:23 PM Leave a comment

My twitter handle is undergoing a change. Formerly “iopinc“, it has now completed its final metamorphosis to “thompsNmorrisN“.

Big deal, right? Film at 11. I won’t pretend this is vital news. But it does reflect a change that’s been going on in business.

Perhaps it’s my traditional Midwestern reticence, but for years I tried to keep my own personality out of my work. Gaining attention for myself has never interested me. Even as Twitter came of age, I chose to name my feed after my company, not myself. What was important was what we offered, not who is in the driver’s seat.

But friends and colleagues, with whom I regularly discuss marketing ideas, kept urging me to put my name on more stuff. They knew that the age of the faceless company is fading – top CEO’s are household names. Lots of highschoolers know who Jeff Bezos is – in 1950, would teenagers have known the name of, say, the president of Sears?

As companies struggle to put on a flesh-and-blood face, business people are making their voices heard in greater numbers. In the Internet age, we all have the opportunity to make a name of some kind. And at times the conversation is really interesting.

Thus, my Tweets will now be under a version of my name: thompsNmorrisN.

Why thompsNmorrisN? My parents didn’t have the foresight to give me a 14-character name. If you have a baby coming, consider yourself warned.


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