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False Gods of the Dashboard

A nice post about dashboards at Dim Bulb.

Dashboards create the illusion that we can become all-knowing. Just stare at the data and be on top of everything – a master of the universe.

The problem is, as soon as we think we’ve become all-knowing, we stop learning. We lose the ability to be agile, to adapt and grow. Not surprisingly, dashboards are the big thing in companies that embrace a “knowing” as opposed to a “learning” culture.

A dashboard is a good example of a marketing false god. Everyone believes in these gods, and thinks, “Well, I made the right sacrifices, so I’m going to keep my job.”

The core of business is creating and nurturing relationships. Dashboards are useful, but they don’t tell you how to build relationships or turn customers into brand evangelists. When things get tough, false gods won’t save you.


March 23, 2010 at 8:11 AM 1 comment

Thompson Morrison

Thompson Morrison

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